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Special Events

The woman of a thousand songs, Jen Jolls has a repertoire that would take more pages to list than anyone would care to read (see Songs/Music). When it comes to hiring her, variety is indeed the “spice of life”. She played and sang at the “Royal N’Orleans” restaurant in Missouri for the past 4 years, but now she’s back in Arizona.

Jennifer also plays at various retirement communities throughout the valley. “They just love it when I play those old songs from the gaslight years to the great wars.” I enjoy when they share their memories surrounding a particular song. Their eyes just light up or have a tear in them.

Jen is a wonderful addition to any company dinner or cocktail party. She loves playing anniversary, birthday parties, wine tastings or any other special event that may need the “drifting” of music throughout the room. It’s just that added touch of class.

Have keyboard – will travel. But always prefer to have a piano provided.

Affordable rates vary dependent on time and distance.